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The main challenge of using R in late-phase trials is ensuring validation documentation. In June 2018, the R-Consortium awarded funding to create an online repository for R package validation in accordance with regulatory standards.

We focus on designing a framework that assesses the quality of an R package.

R Validation Hub: Mission

R Validation Hub is a cross-industry initiative whose mission is to enable the use of R by the Bio-Pharmaceutical Industry in a regulatory setting, where the output may be used in submissions to regulatory agencies.

Executive Committee

As of May 2019, the R Validation Hub is governed by an executive committee.

  • Andy Nicholls (Chair)
  • Lyn Taylor (Secretary)
  • Joe Rickert (R Consortium)
  • Juliane Manitz 
  • Doug Kelkhoff
  • Yilong Zhang 
  • Keaven Anderson 

Participating Organisations

The R Validation Hub comprises of participants from across the pharmaceutical industry. Participants contribute to the effort through our regular group meetings, as well as the various workstreams that make up the project. If you are interested in getting involved in a workstream please contact psi.aims.r.validation@gmail.com.  Else you can sign up to this mailing list for updates.

A full list of members can be seen on our website, https://www.pharmar.org/about/.

The central mission of the R Consortium is to work with and provide support to the R Foundation and to the key organizations developing, maintaining, distributing and using R software through the identification, development and implementation of infrastructure projects.

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