Re: Doxygen vs. texinfo (was: Documenting the C API)

Radford Neal

On Mon, Aug 08, 2016 at 05:07:00AM -0400, Jan Vitek wrote:
While I do agree with Radford???s point about the dangers of change,
I don???t believe that the current technology is adequate. Lukas posted
a link to the Doxygen output ??? ???
this is the kind of documentation I would expect to have for any large
project with many API calls and data structure. A LaTeX document is
close to useless for navigation and discovery.
Latex isn't an option being considered. The existing texi documentation
can be processed into both PDF and HTML output. The existing R API
documentation in HTML form is at

I think it could be improved with respect to ease of navigation while
sticking with texi.


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