trimming down the native API

Lukas Stadler

Happy new year to you all!

One outcome of the discussions in this group and last year’s RIOT workshop is that the native API deserves a cleanup, moving out things that aren’t needed as a first step.

My colleague Zbynek took the time to go over the whole API and move all functionality that is not used into separate header files that are not part of the public include directory.
He was able to move out 183 functions, and all packages from CRAN (that we were able to build without special setup) work fine with the changes.

The changes are available as a PR on github:
github also provides a raw diff:

I’d like to gather feedback before suggesting this change to r-devel:
- do you think there’s a better approach than having separate header files in include/private? our goal was to keep the changes to the main codebase minimal.
- are there functions or macros that shouldn’t be moved although they are currently not used by any packages on CRAN?
- are there functions or macros that this patch doesn’t move but we should still try to move, although this will require fixes in some packages?

The patch is not set in stone, we’re happy to make any changes (or perform other tasks) that will make it easier for r-devel to accept these changes.
For some code-related comments it may be simpler to post on github (because you can add comments to specific lines in the changes).


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